5 Reasons Why You Should Do An Engagement Session (with your wedding photographer!)

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‘Tis the season – engagement season that is! And I am here to convince you WHY you should do an engagement session with your wedding photographer!

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Getting engaged is one of the most awesome feelings in the world. You are finally making solid plans for the future with your love partner, and one of those decisions is hiring a wedding photographer that you love and trust. Once that decision is settled, planning your engagement session with them is SUPER IMPORTANT and there are many reasons why. Sure, you can get some photos of the two of you taken by a friend, even with a cellphone, but nothing beats the experience of getting professionally photographed by your wedding photographer because the benefits are so worth it!

1. It gets you comfortable in front of the camera

Being photographed for the first time (especially as a couple!) can feel a bit awkward. You’re not sure what to expect, you don’t know how to hold yourself and you’re feeling a bit self-conscious about the whole process—just imagine having to deal with all of that on your wedding day. Do you want the first time your photographer points their camera at you to be on your wedding day? Trust me, the time spent at your engagement session will pay dividends on your big day.

Getting you in front of the camera is by far the most ideal way to figure out how to best work with you. We get to find the best angles to photograph you and find out if you are more light-hearted, more romantic, or more stoic. We see if you need very little or a lot of direction, and afterward, we find out what types of photos you liked best from the session. These are all very important pieces of information that help your photographer when it comes to photographing you two on your wedding day, and discovering these details at the engagement session is much better than discovering them as we are photographing your wedding.

2. It builds trust and connection with your photographer

Trust and connection – two things you probably didn’t realize you needed to have with your wedding photographer. Your photographer does not just “show up” to take pretty photos on your wedding day: your wedding photographer is probably the one person that will be right next to you the entire day, supporting you, cheering you, keeping you calm and collected. The engagement sessions offer is a great opportunity to build trust between you and your photographer. That way, when it comes to the wedding day, you and everyone else can relax knowing that your photographer will make everyone look their best and your wedding photos will be amazing, and by the time the wedding rolls around, you’ll feel like you’ve known your photographer forever and it will make you feel much more comfortable!

3. It makes you a posing pro

Not only does your photographer learn who you are as a couple at the engagement session, but they will usually give you tips along the way so that you can look your best in your images. For instance, where do you put your hands when you’re unsure what to do…where to look, which leg to put your weight on, etc. By the end of the engagement session, you’ll walk away feeling like professional models, and on your wedding day, it will make the couple’s photos a breeze since you nailed the poses before already! I truly enjoy it when on wedding days, the grooms especially remember exactly some of the poses and it always gives us a good laugh when they call them!

4. It memoralizes “that time” when you were engaged

During your engagement session, I will encourage you and your fiancé to express your feelings and share meaningful memories. I’ve seen couples say things to each other that they don’t usually share, and it makes them swoon and even tear up! We know life is busy, and you’re are in full planning mode. You know your partner loves you, and vice versa, but there’s still more to discover about each other. Sometimes, these things come out during the engagement session and make it even more memorable. I remember after an engagement session the bride told me “I feel like I fell in love with him all over again”. The laughs, the deep thoughts, and even the bloopers (I share those with my couples, too!) are part of the incredible experience of being engaged, and you’ll have a collection of memories at your disposal from this time of your life.

5. It’s a fun adventure with your fiance!

One of my favorite things to do with couples is taking them somewhere fun for an adventure, or maybe we visit a place that’s extra special to them. Walking photoshoots are my favorite, and I love exploring new places with my couples.

We use this opportunity for more than just a photoshoot but to have an experience in a gorgeous location that inspires you both. It will be an experience where you can relive stories with your partner (maybe go back to where they proposed!), reaffirm your love, snuggle into each other’s arms, and even feel like you’re falling in love all over again! My hope is that you will leave the session with more to talk about and will look back on the experience with emotion. Plus, make it a date night afterward! You are already looking sharp, so why not go out and celebrate?

So… if your wedding photographer includes an engagement session in your wedding package, don’t hesitate! Still looking for a wedding photographer to take your plans to the next level? Call me, baby 🙂


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