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Have you heard the saying “anything worth having is worth the wait”? Well, Ana and Manny proved to everyone that this is so true! After 18 years together, 3 beautiful children, one puppy, and the most loving life together, Ana and Manny married on a gorgeous September day at the Pawtucket Country Club in front of their closest friends and family.

With their slogan “It’s about time”, Ana and Manny welcomed their guests to an emotional ceremony where Manny, a super talented musician, played the most romantic tunes on his saxophone while his bride walked down the aisle escorted by their twin sons, Evan and Julian. Their Maid of Honor, their daughter Juliana, could not contain her emotions, and most guests joined her with tears of joy. And did you see their puppy Sadie? 🙂

Their celebration of love at the Pawtucket Country Club was filled with laughter, jokes, funny stories, and a beautiful speech by Juliana in which she shared how amazing it is to have parents like Ana and Manny, how proud she is of them, and how fun is to live in their household where humor and love are their pillars.

Ana and Manny did many things in their own amazing way… no cake cutting but a dessert display of over 10 different types of cakes for everyone to indulge in. No favors for their guests, but instead, they donated what they would have spent to their favorite charity. But the most special thing they did was their first dance as husband and wife. After a wardrobe change, Ana and Manny surprised us all with a choreographed first dance to “Besame Mucho” in Salsa rhythm and displayed an unbelievable set of spins, twirls, and lifts that left us speechless. Their dance was absolutely flawless, totally worth “first place” in a dance competition. By looking at Ana and Manny that night you would think they had been dating for a year and just decided to get married. The way they looked at each other, the way they held each other, and the way they expressed their love for each other were just as fresh as it was 18 years ago when “Uncle Craig” set them up on a blind date. Even Manny paid homage to his friend Craig with a “Thanks Uncle Craig” on his shoes!

Ana and Manny: Thank you for making me a part of your unbelievable day! It was incredible to see all the love from your beautiful families, but it was even more incredible to see the love and admiration you have for each other. I wish you all a lifetime of happiness!

Hair: Sandy Silva

Makeup: @nicolexbeauty_

Entertainment: Michael AllStar Aguiar

Florist: Towne House Flowers

Learn more about The Wedding Experience Here!


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