Meet the Team: The 2023 GG Senior Spokesmodels!

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Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be so lucky to work with such amazing girls in my photography career, and this 2023 GG Senior Spokesmodels team is a real dream come true!

For the second year, I recruited an incredible group of young women who are fierce leaders, beautiful inside and out, and driven like you wouldn’t believe! And for the second year, we ventured to do our Springphotoshoot knowing that the New England weather could be hit or miss but also knowing that this was our opportunity for beautiful shots featuring the gorgeous cherry blossoms at the Japanese Gardens at Roget Williams Park.

It rained and it was cold, but this GG Senior Spokesmodel Team did not care! We made lemonade out of the lemons, and we ended up having an amazing time, including riding the carousel which gave us some of the cutest images I’ve taken!

Meet my fabulous team <3


You could say Ayana is a natural model. Although she’s never modeled before, she completely fired up my camera! She felt that being part of my spokesmodel team was a way to try something new, meet new friends, and experience modeling (which she rocks at!)

A rising senior at Coventry High School, she is a competitive cheerleader for her high school and was in an all-star team for a few years. She’s also an actress, and she played Margot Frank in the spring play “Anne Frank”. She’s the treasurer at her local chapter of Skills USA, and she won gold in her last Skills USA competition, and she will represent her schools at the nationals in Atlanta next month.

Ayana is an innate motivator! I witnessed that during our spring when she became the best cheerleader and hype girl for the rest of the group. She enjoys encouraging others to try new things (like Skills USA, drama club, or participating in the criminal justice program at school), as well as making others feel included and supported.

Ayana wants to go to college and major in criminal justice.


Molly is a Class of 2023 also from Coventry High School. She’s a competitive Irish Step Dancer and has performed for over 11 years! She’s won New England Regional competitions and placed 4th in the national competition! At her young age, she already works two jobs and has a goal of owning her own business. She volunteers for the National Honors Society ad recently got inducted. She’s an incredibly bright student, placing in the top 10% of her class rank, participating in many school clubs, and volunteering in activities throughout the year. Molly was so comfortable in front of the camera that I couldn’t believe she considers herself to be a bit shy… no way, Molly! 🙂


Mackenzie is a rising senior at Bishop Stang High School. She’s a cheerleader and a competitive dancer. She has the sweetest smile and even though she seemed a little shy when we first met, she warmed up to the group very quickly, and soon she was enjoying our time together like she knew everyone for years! She has a very special relationship with her dad, and in fact, he was the one who brought her to our shoot.


Kate is a class of 2023 senior from North Kingstown High School. She was referred to the program by her best friend, and I am so glad she applied!

Kate has been a dancer since she was three years old, and this year for the first time she decided to try out for indoor track at her school. She’s a tennis player and plays the violin in her school’s orchestra program.

Kate’s plan for the future is to have a career in the medical field, but she also shares that she understands the importance of slowing down, letting go of the stress, and enjoying life. She loves summer because it’s the time to spend with her family without the pressure of school work.


Leila also attends Coventry High School. She has a personality that can light up any room. Her laugh is contagious, and she made us all laugh so much at our photoshoot. She braved the cold and the little rain (you can even see some raindrops in her photos) because she just wanted to have fun!

Leila is a dancer and dog lover… well, she adores her dog. She’s looking forward to a fun senior year where she can relax a little after so many years of rigorous classes.


Summer is a rising senior at Fairhaven High School. She was the only team member from that school, but that didn’t stop her from making friends with the other girls! Her sweet smile and charisma won us all over.

Summer is a dancer (look at her pointe!), she belongs to the drama club and she also participates in the Miss America Scholarship Organization. Her goal is to go to college and get a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology.


Last but not least! Blake is one of the most incredible young women I’ve had the pleasure to meet in my career. Funny, outgoing, and driven, I’ve had the honor to see Blake receiving accolade after accolade at school, most recently receiving the Civics Leadership Award given only to two students at her school

As part of the Class of 2023 at Coventry High School, Blake is involved with Skills USA where she is a state officer, and she’s also a nail tech (and does incredible work by the way!). Her plan is to have a career in design and business. She has been a Girls Scout for 12 years, and her passion for leadership and advocacy shows in everything she does.

And that cowboy hat made my heart do cartwheels of joy 🙂

Learn more about the Senior Experience here!


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