Should you hire a wedding planner?

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One thing many brides go back and forth with is whether they should hire a wedding planner to help with all the details from the wedding day. I want to share with you 5 reasons why you should consider it!

Two weeks ago, I went to lunch with Stefanie Silva, (pictured here) a wedding planner in the Central Massachusetts area. She’s the planner of two weddings I am photographing this year, and I thought it was a good idea to meet ahead of time. Within 15 minutes of talking to her I felt like Will Ferrell on Stepbrothers…. “did we just become best friends???” YUP!

Stefanie is so caring and professional, I can see why the two brides I am working with love her so much. I decided to interview Stefanie to tell me her top 5 reasons why a bride-to-be should hire a wedding planner, and this is what she shared:

1. Wedding planners are dedicated and detailed 

I remember when I was planning my wedding back in 2009. I was on a budget and I spent countless hours searching for details, comparing items, making things from scratch, etc. There was no Pinterest or Etsy, I was on my own. Although those DIY sites can be helpful, they can also be overwhelming. There’s so much to choose, so much to look at, so.many.options! Wedding planners do this for a living and they can help you narrow down your choices quickly based on your wants and needs, which will save you from going into the Etsy rabbit hole. Stefanie says that “while working with a wedding planner, every detail of the day will be meticulously planned and coordinated. Each minute will be thought through and designed to ensure your day flows smoothly and guests are having a memorable experience.”

2. Wedding planners will take the stress away

Wedding planning is a beautiful stage in your life, but it can certainly be stressful! How wonderful would it be to just worry about who is sitting with who at the reception, or whether you want roses or hydrangeas? “Call me crazy, but give me all the stress! Your special day does not deserve to be clouded in stress or anxiety, as planners, we take on all the calls, emails, and scheduling between you and vendors so you feel at ease with your time” said Stefanie. Having a wedding planner is like having your own personal assistant for the duration of the planning stage, and it can be the best investment in your mental health 🙂

3. Wedding planners have great vendor connections and recommendations 

Ahhh where to start? You know you want the best vendors for your wedding, and looking for them can be daunting. Wedding planners have an amazing list of recommendations, and having worked with them and knowing the quality of the service takes the guesswork out of the process.

This is what Stefanie had to say: “having a network of vendors is so important when searching for the right product, service, and price. Planners keep strong relationships and connections with past vendors and event professionals so they can recommend their businesses to you that they trust.”

4. Wedding planners help you stay on track with your budget

The “B” word. BUDGET! This is singlehandedly the hardest part of wedding planning because of all the components you have to factor in. “Events and weddings can be expensive, and unfortunately, year after year prices continue to go up. Having a detailed budget and aligned vision with your planner helps to ensure your money is being spent the right way while your planner keeps you on track and up to date on where your money is going”, Stefanie says. 

5.  Wedding planners help turn your dreams into a reality

“Want to make your Pinterest board come to life? As planners, we know just how to make your ultimate wedding/event come to life through experience, connections, and resources. No dream is too big or small, as your planner, it is my passion to make your wish a reality and a lasting, beautiful memory,” said Stefanie.

There you have it! If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should hire a wedding planner, reach out to Stefanie and ask all of your questions! And if you are still looking for a wedding photographer… well, that’s me 🙂

Happy planning!

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