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How to choose a location for your Rhode Island photo session

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Figuring out how to choose a location for your Rhode Island photo session is probably the 2nd most important decision for your photoshoot, after choosing your photographer – and hopefully, that’s me! 🙂

I am about to share all of my best locations, so buckle up!  None of these locations require a special permit or fee (except if you choose a state beach during the summer season). These Rhode Island locations are full of color, vibe, and depending on what look you want for your images, they will match perfectly with your style!

When choosing a location keep these things in mind:

Does the location fit your personality?  Keep the style of your home decor in mind when choosing a location. If you have a rustic farmhouse-themed home (think shiplap!) having photos done in front of an urban mural might not be the best photo to display in your home!  Think about the look feel and colors of your home when you are choosing locations and outfits.  Make sure they fit your décor and style so they don’t clash when you display them! 

I always encourage my clients to think outside the box. Maybe you have access to something really unique (like a private estate, a mansion, a fire station, or even a hot air balloon!)or otherwise an off-limit location?  Let’s go there!  Let’s make some photos that are different and reflect you and your family!  If you want to do a travel session, let me know as I love to visit new places (travel fee may apply).

Here are some tried and true locations for your Rhode Island Photo Session that are my favorite!

Urban Locations in Rhode Island

We are so lucky to have a beautiful downtown area that not only is colorful, but it’s full of charm and historical homes. If you like architecture, murals, and a city feel, then downtown Providence is for you! There are so many areas to choose from: the State House for headshots, Westminster and College Hill for couple’s sessions, Waterplace Park, and anywhere in between for solo portraits! You really can’t go wrong, because downtown has the perfect balance of urban and nature, and this allows for a “walking photoshoot” (my true favorite!) which will give you tons of variety and choices!

Rustic Locations

Local parks like Goddard park have structures with enough rustic look to satisfy your eye. The old carousel, the wooden bridge, and even the red fence in the beach building are beautiful places for your rustic photoshoot.

Also, if you have access to a farm, old barn, or historical home, these are also great options for a rustic photoshoot! A lot of the little towns in Rhode Island, like Jamestown, Newport, and East Greenwich, also have rustic buildings that make great rustic backgrounds.

This past summer I did a couple of photoshoots at the Boat House in Tiverton, and I think this will qualify as rustic. The stone wall gives the images an European look, and it’s really a beautiful location with multiple options.

There’s one place in South Kingstown that so far wins the rustic look for me: the Pump House Music Works! Their stone building has a gorgeous arch and a vintage door to die for!

Nature Locations in Rhode Island

When wondering how to choose a location for your Rhode Island photo session, our state is FULL of beautiful natural settings! Our beaches are some of the best, and my #1 choice will always be Misquamicut beach!

If a park-like setting is what you prefer, we have great options in central locations. Roger Williams Park is a great place for spring, summer, and fall sessions because the trees turn with the season and the Japanese Garden is beautiful regardless of the month. In the park there is also one of my favorite locations – the Temple to Music, in which the marble structure gives is a neutral background for beautiful portraits.

Another clients’ favorite is the Arcadia Management Area in Exeter. The Arcadia Management area comprises a few different locations and trails, but one of my favorites is the Browning Mill Pond. With its beautiful pines, color-changing trees, the pond in the background, and the magical afternoon light, there’s no season that does not produce amazing images!

The Arcadia Management Area will always be one of my favorites, and it’s my location of choice for the mini-sessions I offer twice a year! Join my mailing list below to get alerts when the mini-sessions are happening!

In the heart of Providence, you will find the India Point Park which like most parks in Rhode Island offers a great variety for your session. The tree line path, the waterfront with it’s dock, the tunnel, and the staircase will get you amazing portraits and variety!

The India Point Park is so centrally located that if you want to combine a downtown session with a natural flare, we can hit both spots the same day!

Last but not least, the Beavertail State Park and its amazing rock platforms, it’s a perfect spot for a romantic photoshoot (any shoot really, but I’ve loved the couples’ sessions I’ve done there!)

Quaint Locations in Rhode Island

Rhode Island must be the synonym of quaint! If this is the style you want, the choices are endless. Because there are so many to choose from, I am going to separate them by town.


Newport is one of those places that shows me something new each time I visit. I’ve done countless sessions here, and each time, I spot a new location (one of these photos was done by a cemetery, and you’ll never guess which one!). Not to mention the beautiful beach and Cliffwalk that takes the photos to the next level!

Watch Hill

This quaint place is the vivid image of a New England Coastal town. Pretty popular in the summer for its gorgeous sunset, it’s also the home of Taylor’s Swift summer home (one of them, at least). Watch Hill is a place where we can do a walking photo shoot, and get a lot of variety within walking distance.

Wickford Village

Truly one of my favorite, and definitely one of my senior’s favorite! This place is perfect for a walking photoshoot as well, where we can walk, talk, laugh, and shoot!


I haven’t done a ton of sessions here, but I think it’s a very underrated place! This summer spot is full of quaintness and I am dying to explore it more!

There you have it! You only need to bring your beautiful self and your smile to any of these locations, and I’ll take care of the rest!

I hope this post helps your decision on how to choose a location for your Rhode Island photo session! Ready for a fun photoshoot at one of these amazing spots? Contact me!


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