Best Places in RI for Summer Senior Photos – An August Recap

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Another crazy busy month, August brought me many more awesome sessions in some of the best places in RI for summer senior photos!

Rhode Island summer senior sessions can truly have it all: ocean, flowers, sun, clouds, breeze… literally everything! And my favorite of all is that we can have late sessions without risking losing daylight, and almost always guarantees the “glow” (aka golden hour or sunshine illuminating my clients).

I want to share some of my favorite images from this month, brought to you by the AMAZING SENIORS I had the honor to photograph!

LEAH – Misquamicut Beach

Leah is a senior at Apponequet High School in MA, and as I guessed, she had never been to Misquamicut Beach. Misquamicut is probably my favorite beach in RI, maybe because it’s only 20 min from me and I spend pretty much every free time in the summer there! I’m glad she didn’t mind the hour drive she had to do to meet me here because we had some amazing portraits despite the hazy morning.

This beach is really quiet and peaceful in the mornings, and the main building is perfect some a mix of beach and urban. If a beach session is what you want for your summer senior photos, this is one of the best places in RI for it. Not only do we get a beautiful ocean with light-colored sand, but across the beach, the inlets allow some additional backgrounds with tall green grass that compliments the water and sand combo.

Leah plans to attend college for elementary education, and seeing how sweet she is, I know she’ll be an amazing teacher!

GIANNA -Downtown Providence

Gianna is a senior at Toll Gate High School. She jumped at the idea of having her session in Downtown Providence at an area where I hadn’t been in a while. The South Water street area in Providence is absolutely beautiful, with the river flowing right in the middle, the new pedestrian bridge, and the brick buildings all around. Within a couple of blocks, you can go from waterfront views to the skyline, to an urban feel.

I loved that Gianna brought her gorgeous cat to her session, and of course, we had to take photos with her! Gianna is excited about the idea of going to college next year and living on campus.

KAYLA – Newport

Kayla is a senior at Fairhaven High School in MA, and she chose one of my all-time favorite locations for her summer senior photos! I’ve said it a million times before, but Newport is just perfect for any kind of session and for seniors, the options are endless! Every time I come here, I end up finding a place I’ve never seen before and it gets me excited every single time!

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” is Kayla’s favorite quote and I couldn’t relate to it more. She is a bright young girl with dreams of a college career and I am so excited to follow her journey!

TARYN -Misquamicut Beach

Ms. Taryn is one of my original spokesmodels! I’ve known this young woman for a few years now and I was thrilled when she became one of the faces of my brand. We have had several photoshoots together and it’s always a blast with her! She decided on a beach session and of course, we had to do it at Misquamicut!

Taryn is a senior at Coventry High School and she is also a CNA as part of her high school career. She wants to continue her education in the medical field and I cannot wait to see all the things she will accomplish!

ALANA – Water Place Park

The beautiful Alana is a senior at St. Andrew’s school in Barrington, and when she took my suggestion to do her photos at the Water Place Park in Downtown Providence, I knew she was going to have a killer session. I mean… she killed it!

I related to her from the moment she told me that her favorite thing in the world is sunny weather. She decided that her senior quote will be “Fear is temporary, but regret is forever”, and it’s another thing I can totally relate to (I usually talk about overcoming fears on my Instagram). She is sweet, humble, and I had the absolute best time with her (and her friend who ended carrying my pop-up tent from location to location LOL)

Back to Water Place Park… this place is a dream no matter what time of the year, but summer evenings become magical when you add the sunlight, the breeze, and the beautiful structures around it. This is one of my favorite locations in Providence for sure.

SOPHIA – Newport

What else can I say about Newport that I haven’t said yet? But somehow Sophia made Newport look extra special! Maybe is that gorgeous smile she has? or the fact that we giggled the whole time? I actually took Sophia to a different area, and those became some of her favorites! The columns by the bank on Washington Square were the perfect clean background for some headshot-style photos. This area becomes color galore in the fall, with most trees turning yellow, but in the summer the hanging flowers are the perfect addition to an already beautiful area.

Sophia is a senior at Bishop Stang High School in MA, and she is hoping to attend Salve Regina for nursing. She brought her mom and her best friend to her session and we got some adorable portraits of them together which I know her mom will cherish forever!

ETHAR – Wickford Village

Ethar is an impressive young woman! She is on the junior board of a non-profit foundation called Glimmer of Hope, which gives America Girl dolls and care packages to little girls who are fighting cancer. She loves her family and she brought her beautiful sister with her to the session. Ethar is a senior at Toll Gate High School and wants to continue her education in the medical field.

When we were planning her session, she knew she wanted a mix of nature and city, so Wickford was perfect for it. I have done a fair share of sessions here and, like Newport, I always end up finding new spots that I had not used before. This little town is perfect for anyone who wants the New England feel to the photos, and without a doubt is one of the best places in Rhode Island for summer senior sessions!

Ok… summer senior photos in RI are almost gone (bwaaaaa) but our beautiful state is GORGEOUS in the fall… don’t miss out on getting amazing fall senior photos! Contact me for details!


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