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Being asked to be a Matron of Honor by one of my best friends was amazing, but then when she asked me if I could also assist her main photographer at her wedding the obvious answer was… OMG, YESSSS!

Behind the scene of the signature “Veil Shot”! – Image courtesy of Isaac Davila Photography

Marisol and Enrique asked Josh and me to be their Matron of Honor and Best Man for their June 2020 wedding. We accepted without hesitation, but when Marisol asked if I could also photograph some of the most special times of the day, I had to say yes. I love a good challenge and I know thrive in chaos. I knew I got this.

Josh said to me “if you can pull this off, you can do anything!” He thought I was crazy because you know… being the Matron of Honor is a BIG DEAL! There are so many responsibilities on the wedding day – from making sure everyone is ready on time (and focus on the bridal portraits more than selfies!), to keep the bride calm and collected, to stop her from crying right before walking down the aisle. I also know that the photographer’s responsibilities are similar – we (wedding photographers) are there to be the bride’s sidekick, the best friend they didn’t know they needed, the resourceful pal that can get wardrobe malfunctions fixed (yup, did that), and use our gentle authority to keep the wedding party cooperating (and did that, too!).

I knew the challenge, and I know weddings can be stressful and that timelines can be thrown out of whack, but I also know I wanted to be there for my beautfiful friend, and give her the best wedding experience she could get. Weddings days are my favorite and having her as a #GGBride is a dream!

Our game plan

We got a game plan… I wanted the honor to capture her “Getting Ready” images, her bridal party photos, her detail shots, but most especially, their first husband and wife portraits. Her other photographer, Isaac Davila from Isaac Davila Photography, was on board with this plan: he knew this was important for Marisol and Enrique, and he was gracious enough to let us get our way.

I enrolled the help of my friend Ashley to meet us at the Graduate Providence (formerly known as The Biltmore) for her to take the pictures where I should be included, and also the group photos. Being there filling both roles was surreal, to say the least! This is my first time being someone’s Maid/Matron of Honor and I took that role to heart and made sure things went as smoothly as possible.

My goal as a wedding photographer is always to give the bride, groom and everyone involved an unforgettable experience, and by wearing these two hats I made sure that my beautiful friend got everything she needed to just enjoy being the bride on the most special day of her life.

I’m not going to lie… it was a bit stressful. While I was on a roll capturing the detail shots, trying to find the best light, and arranging everything on my style mat, I had to stop for hair and makeup. That’s when it hit me… oh boy… I only have a few minutes left to finish! I also felt like a little drill sergeant trying to get everyone ready on time, pushing them out the door (both matron of honor duties) and telling them to leave their cellphone alone and leave the photography to me (photographer duty!) I love these girls and they know I meant well… LOL. The hardest part I think was doing it with high heels on!

We decided to do our bridal party photos at the Waterplace Park in Providence. The funniest thing happened though… the place was set up for a wedding and the few guests that were already there were flabbergasted to see Marisol instead of the bride they were expecting! We shared a few laughs and kept repeating “wrong bride guys, wrong bride!” Ashley and I split the job, and she captured the group shots and my individual shots with her, while I organized and shot the rest of the girls and Marisol’s bridal portraits.

The Bridesmaid Photographer – Mission accomplished!

I did it, guys. I pulled it off. I had the most incredible time holding two roles that filled me with happiness and pride. I couldn’t capture the ceremony, or the toasts, or the full wedding party portraits because I had to be on the other side of the camera. Instead of shooting my heart away, I was next to my beautiful friend, holding my tears while she was exchanging vows with the love of her life, but knowing that I was also there to capture the most beautiful portraits of the gorgeous couple makes me the happiest bridesmaid there ever was.

Finally getting to watch these two get married felt like such a victory. Because of the pandemic, they had to postpone the wedding, but it was worth the wait! The joy and the excitement was overflowing and I think the pandemic and the fact that they had to wait an entire YEAR longer for their big day made it that much sweeter! They were FINALLY married!!! I

And we danced the night away! My feet were blistered the next day! By the time the party ended their main photographer had left and I heard… we forgot the sparkler exit! After a few drinks and a long day, I wasn’t sure if i was going to be able to do it, but not only did we organize this exit in less than 5 minutes (the last few guests were leaving as it was 11 pm!) but we had a blast doing it, and I think I did a good job… tipsy and all!

Marisol and Enrique: this day was perfect. You were perfect. Thank you for the honor of having Josh and me being there for you as you Matron of Honor and Best Man. May you have love, health, and wealth; but most importantly, may you have the time to enjoy them all! Love you both!


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