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I feel like I am still dreaming. For once, I can’t believe it was time to do my daughter’s official senior session (hello #classof2022) but what’s even more surreal, is that we did it at one of the most beautiful places I’ve had the pleasure to visit: Charleston!

I fell in love with Charleston when I visited for the first time in 2019. I loved everything about it: the people, the sights, the food, the nightlife, the architecture, everything! So when Grace narrowed down her college choices (yes y’all… college! I can’t even fathom that!) to a few in South Carolina, I knew I had to make my dream come true: shoot a session there with her!

This session was both – a photographer’s dream and a mommy’s dream. Seeing my baby girl look like a supermodel thanks to the amazing Allie and Taylor at Gibson Hair + Makeup (even though the humidity killed her curls in like 5 seconds) wearing her cute outfits in front of some of the classic spots in Downtown Charleston, was more than I had hoped for. Talk about mixed emotions! Gosh… I still can’t believe this just happened!

This super special senior session began at Broad Street, in the heart of downtown. Josh spotted the orange building and he literally said “you need to shoot here!” I still can’t convince him to second shoot for me, but he has such a great eye for locations. This building matched Grace’s outfit like nothing else did!

By the way, the fact that she chose a long, flowy dress is a miracle! This girl can live her best life in sweatpants, oversized sweatshirts, and lately, her boyfriend’s sports jacket 🙂

I’m seriously jealous of Charleston’s photographers. Seriously. They get tons and tons of beautiful backdrops within 2-3 blocks, and thanks to a few that I follow on IG, I knew we had to head to Rainbow Row. Rainbow Row is probably one of the biggest Charleston attractions, and for a reason!  It is a strip of colorfully painted historic homes on E. Bay Street, and it is, without a doubt, a photographer’s DREAM. We got so much variety in just a small area, but I think my favorite historic home of all was on Tradd Street. The Instagram-worthy white and blue house on Tradd was soooooo beautiful, that I seriously didn’t want to go anywhere else. But we had to keep moving because we had saved the best for last.

Have you heard of the Pink Figgy? Fiona, the famous Pink Figgy, it’s a Charleston tourist attraction just by herself. I found her after I started following Charleston photographers for inspiration, and I knew right away that I wanted her for Grace’s session. Fiona is a classic 1992 rare Nissan Figaro, which has become an icon of southern charm, a Bride and senior’s favorite, and a top-notch photo prop. She has been featured in Vogue, Style me Pretty, and Charleston Weddings magazines. Just take a look at the amazing photos and videos on her IG account!

I contacted Meredith, Fiona’s owner, who by the way has been extremely supportive of my work (I was actually starstruck when I met her because she’s quite the Charleston celebrity!) and she was AMAZING! She helped me plan the last stop of our session at The Mills House – a 19th-century iconic pink building home of the Wyndham Grand Hotel. This place, along with Fiona and Grace’s pretty face got me creating some of the best portraits I’ve taken to this date, but my ultra-biased opinion is because I love this girl so much 🙂

Our visits to the region’s universities and colleges were the “excuse” for us to travel here, but knowing that my baby may soon become an SC resident fills me with all kinds of feelings: pride, sadness, joy, but most of all, a deep excitement that she may have all this as her backyard – which means I get to come here more often!

Enjoy this unique session featuring Grace, Charleston and of course, Fiona 🙂

Disclosure: I can’t promise you senior sessions in Charleston (at least not for now) but if you’re a RI/MA/CT Class of 2022 senior, and ready to have a total blast at your Senior Session, contact me!

This Tradd Street house is amazing!

The Pink Figgy at the Mills House!


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